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Service worker - cache refresh


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Now this service worker cache refresh is associated with  "Cache sidebar, header and footer blocks". This is probably the easiest solution for you, but think and find another service worker cache solution.

Cache sidebar, header and footer blocks is important for many sites with little cache time, as well as this site of yours, which uses 15 minutes. For blocks, this is fine, but every 15 minutes, a cache refresh service worker causes a site loading delay of more than 20 times the usual time.

Why, you might ask. Well here is the principle of loading a site.


This is how your site loads normally - I show the first byte time with a cache service worker

Could contain: File, Text, Webpage


Usual time between 25-30 milliseconds which is very good...

But here's what happens when the cache is refreshed - every 15 minutes.


Could contain: File, Webpage, Text, Page


Over 20x delay on first byte.

Please consider and bind cache refresh for service worker to another task... Still a web application is not as important as loading directly to a site...



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