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Weird text editor


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Am I only person who find text editor that IPS use is kind of weird?


You making newlines and if you put this CTRL + C text into other text editor it will be 2-3 newlines instead of 1.

Could contain: Page, Text, City, Computer Hardware, Electronics, Hardware


And if you copy text not from editor it will be extra space symbol between lines

Could contain: Text

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I think it is normal in the context how you actually create new lines:

- Using "ENTER" creates a paragraph (<p>text</p> <p>text</p>) and ACP > Customization > Editor > Settings > Return Key Behavior set to "Go to next line" fools the display to render it as "one line less". But if you copy lines in the "p" tags to other editor you will get that extra line(s) visible.
- Using "SHIFT+ENTER" creates a break (text<br>text). If you copy the lines you will get the exact lines.

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