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One time payment to join Club

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Hi, i know its possible and i have searched for an adequate response but could not find one. 

What i would like to do is set up a club and in order for members to join they have to first pay xxx to do so. 

I have done my best to look at the Club settings and have the Clubs Improvements but cant seem to find the way to set a club for payment to enter. 

I also looked in Subscribtions cause i thought maybe it was somewhere there.

All i need is a "bump" in the right direction please.


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Jim M
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Yes, this is possible within the club's app itself. You do have to enable paid clubs and then allow user groups to create paid clubs.  I also have Commerce installed on my sites, but it does not appear to require it (but I am not sure).

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EDIT: Actually I now believe they do require Commerce as the settings use Commerce's payment methods.

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