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Invision Community v4.6.12.1 to v4.7.9

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Currently still on Invision Community v4.6.12.1 but moving to my new updated server and will upgrade to latest Invision Community v4.7.9

What latest versions of the following will work ok with v4.7.9





Thank you

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Marc Stridgen
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MariaDB: I am using version 10.11.2 without any issues.

PHP: 8.0 or 8.1 is the current IPS supported versions.

Redis: Version 6 according to IPS because version 7 is not yet support by PHPRedis extension, but I am using version 7 without any issues.

Elasticsearch: At least version 7.2.0, but less than version 8.0.0.

Before update make sure you disable all third-party plugins and app, and before enabling them back to make sure you update them to the latest version where they are compatible with PHP 8 and support IPS 4.7. 

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