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I need my license installation URL changed and apparently I don't have email support?

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I just extracted and started the installation of the software and ran it from the ips_ef506 folder instead of moving the contents to the public_html folder.

As a result, I now get this error when trying to reinstall:

Could contain: Chart, Plot, Page, Text

Can I get help to have this changed please.

I don't know why I suddenly don't have email support, I have several communities running this software.

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This forum is for server related issues. IPS staff don’t really post much here as it’s used to user help. You might want to post this in:


As Adrian posted in your other topic, all support starts here on the forums. This was done back in September of 2021.  If the staff can’t resolve it, they move it to a ticket. (They can usually fix license issues though without a ticket.)

Make sure you remove the old files to save some back and forth time regarding multiple installs. 

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