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Developer Mode to modify a cloud-hosted account, how to download software for local development?

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From what I have read, it's not advised to turn developer mode on for a cloud-hosted account, but rather to download the software to work on locally.  Does this require purchasing the software in addition to the cloud-hosted monthly fee?

I am planning to add an additional cloud-hosted account for a new domain, but that new domain also needs some other PHP functionality (pulling data from a database, displaying it, editing the database, integrating with user using drop down lists, checkboxes, and string input form, nothing too cosmic).  I am considering whether I should create an app and just have it all in the Invision software.  The two main advantages *I think* is that my app would get the mobile-friendly display that was just released (this would be a HUGE benefit) and the other is accounts would be seamless between the forum and my own functionality.  The downside is I would need to get up to speed on developing an app for this platform.  Also, I would need to either be able to remotely access my database table with Python code, or have my app pull and edit data from a database hosted elsewhere.

Many thanks for any help as I try to plot my course...

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5 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

You would indeed require a classic license in order to download locally for development. 

Thanks Mark, much appreciated.  If I understand correctly, in addition to the $49 a month for the beginner hosted account, I would also need to purchase the classic license in order to have a copy locally for development.

I would be interested in the forum module and having the ability to charge subscribers with Stripe (which I'm assuming doesn't require the Commerce app), along with my own app functionality.  From what I've read here, the blog app is good to have for new developers to look at when trying to learn how to develop an app so I think I would want to purchase that.  From the pricing page for self hosted (which I think is the classic license), that would mean paying $350 plus $55 a month for renewal?

So to have a hosted beginner account and the code locally to develop an app I'd be looking at $350 up front and about a $100 a month in renewal fees.  Does that sound about right?

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