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sendgrid integration

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I want to integrate SendGrid as a mail relay service for my forum.

Can this service be used for inbound&outbound mail service?

Is there any deployment guide? i have opened a free SendGrid account for testing and activated the service and API key on the ACP. But it doesn't work correctly.

Many thanks.

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Receiving email is not applicable to IPB. It’s only for sending. 

There is more to sending email than just getting an API key. You need to setup SPF and DKIM, etc. Those are all things you would do directly inside of Sendgrid not related to IPB. You would want to work with them on that side first before trying to send mail otherwise most mail providers will reject the messages from them. 

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11 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Ah, indeed that would be an issue. The only suggestion I can make is to use a different provider that suites your email numbers. We have sendgrid integration for example, which may be better suited

SendGrid will solve for me only the outgoing mails; what about the incoming? 

Does the ACP support configuration for two mailboxes?

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Marc Stridgen
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You can still use Google for sending and receiving email as normal.  Sendgrid can be setup by using SPF and DKIM to ALSO be able to send. 

You don’t need two mailboxes. 

IPB would send through Sendgrid. (Your outbound listed address may be admin@yourdomain.com). If someone replies, the reply would go to Google which would be the receiving server MX.  IPB does not need to be aware of INBOUND email. 

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