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Changing the price for paid club

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Hi, I have a paid club which charge member $10 for initial month, then $10 every 30 days for renew. I run this club for about 6 month.

Yesterday, I decided to raised the fee. I changed the price to $20 for joining in, $30 for every 2 month for renew.

 The new price for initial month is working, members need to pay $20 to join in but for renewal though, it doesn't take effect immediately?

I tested it by login as a member who's membership was expired on Feb 28th. I tried to renew the membership, and it still shows the fee of 1 month $10.

Does this pricing change only works for new members only? How do I fix it for current expired members? Thanks.

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4 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

When changing pricing, it should ask you if you want to update this for existing members. You would need to have selected to update this in order for it to be effective for current subscribers

I just edited the price again, didn't see any prompt

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