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Confusing message: "The application/zip file format(s) are not supported."

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When dragging some files to a post, users get the message "The application/zip file format(s) are not supported."

I believe that it means a preview won't be created - but they can still be attached the file. 

The message annoys members as we regularly ask them to upload a .zip file. Members complain that we ask them to do something that does not work (when in fact it does). Even the wording of the message is confusing: application/zip is not a file format. 

Here's a recent comment I got: 

16 hours ago, scg said:

Note: I'm getting a 'file format not supported' message no matter what file format I use. Not sure if that's coming from the browser or the site, but it seems to be working in preview, so I'll just try posting and see what happens. Edit: The file is working for me. Not sure what the messages were about.

That's the more polite version of messages I'm getting. Some members are so annoyed they've sent me wordings I wouldn't dare sharing here. There are some angry people out there! 

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