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[BUG 4.7.8] Similar Content widget not checking the $tableHoverUrl variable to display the preview

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This is similar to the bug I posted before:


The problem this time is in the template applications/core/dev/html/front/widgets/relatedContent.phtml on line 70:

<a href='{$item->url( "getPrefComment" )}' {{if $item->canView()}}data-ipsHover data-ipsHover-target='{$item->url()->setQueryString('preview', 1)}' data-ipsHover-timeout='1.5' {{endif}}>

Need to add a check for $item->tableHoverUrl in that IF.

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Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention! I can confirm this should be further reviewed and I have logged an internal bug report for our development team to investigate and address as necessary, in a future maintenance release.


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