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How to stop new members posting to other profiles?

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Hi, we have an issue where spanners have managed to get through our filters and then rather than posting on the open forum of managed to post directly to the profiles of existing members.

Is there any setting which would allow us to prevent that please?

Ideally we would like to prevent that kind of post until the new user had chalked up a certain number of posts


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I have checked but the settings allow us to restrict all posting by a new member but does not enable us simply to prevent posting to a profile.


The problem is that when somebody posts to a profile, it is not public and so therefore the moderating team wouldn't necessarily know that it has been done and at the spamming has taken place and this the person who has been spammed reports it.

We only discovered by accident that this was happening. When somebody let us know.

What we need is a setting which allows new members to post publicly if they want to without restriction, but allows us to set a restriction on their ability to post to the profiles of other members


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