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About Depression Forums and not having a Technician

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Hello, and I hope you all had a very happy St. Patty's Day!

I have been with IPB, now IPS since 2004 and I am glad I have.  Thank you.  Unfortunately, I am not a Technician.  I do think I run a good Forum tho.

I am trying to get rid of the WP that a tech attached to my Forum but I was told it would destroy my Forum itself.

My members do come and go, even ones from way back, but I cannot find a good Tech to help me since mine passed in Dec 2017,

and I have gone through awful ones, plus now my SO of 24 yrs just passed last month.

I cannot seem to do upgrades, I did get rid of most of the spammers and a handful of my faithful members became Moderators!  Yay!

My donation buttons are there but does not connect in the ACP, I do not understand all of it, I need help. I so need a Technician to help me. 

I have a useless brain, especially right now as I am still grieving it has been a little over a month and I have so much to do.

 I need to find a place to live, a car to find, and a phone as Sprint is on my back and turned off my phone even though it was my SO's business account that I was on!  

I have Google Adsense, which does not bring in much as I am trying to figure it out as my SO took care of it.

My SO was extremely ill and left me with a lot of his debt of course thank goodness is not mine, but some companies like Sprint still think it is.

If anyone can help my Forum so that I can be able to pay all my bills that will past due including rent, as social security just will not do it alone.

IPS, which will be coming up shortly, and I do not want to fall behind in all that am going to owe, I would appreciate it. 


Thank you,

Lindsay Reday


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