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[Suggestion] Add Full Backup to Pages Database


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Bumping this as I think this would be a good option to have.  Could have a warning that it should only be used as a backup (all content), or toggle a switch if there are plans to use on a different site (different members, for example) and then it will filter out certain fields.  Great if you want to share a database and the records, but not share author names (since the user ID's and such won't match up) or the 'post_key' and such.  But if copying from a dev to a live site, might be able to do a full download/upload.

The only real issue I see is with the category ID's.  For the 'field_id' number, the field key could be used so on import, a matching field_key can be found and it get sorted that way.  If no matching one is found, then it reports it as an issue to resolve before the database can be used.  (Import all the records first, then handle the re-assigning of the field_key values.)

Category ID could be tackled by a new SQL column that provides a unique key to each category as it's created and then match it up that way.  MD5 hash of {site's URL}{microtime()} so that it's a key that should never be encountered again.  Continue to use the numerical category ID# (simplicity among other reasons).

Maybe someone could make a 3rd party app to handle it. 😊

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