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[BUG 4.7.8] Images rotated differently (EXIF data) depending on their upload area (and wrongly, too)


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Here are the steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new file in the Downloads app (in a category that allows screenshots).
  2. Upload any random file in the first step (it doesn't matter).
  3. Upload the image from the ZIP file attached to this post as a screenshot.
  4. Enter a random title (it doesn't matter).
  5. Re-upload the image from step #3, but this time as an attachment in the Description editor.
  6. Submit the file.


Once the file is submitted, compare the screenshot to the attachment in the description, and you'll see the images are rotated differently (and rotated wrongly in both cases, too).



P.S.: The test above was done with both GD and ImageMagick. Same result in both cases.

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