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What is your method/workflow for sharing content on social media?

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Wonder what other site owners are doing/using to promote content on social media platforms to help attract new guests and members.  Previously I was using the IPS Promote tool for FB and Twitter, but the FB portion of that is gone due to the frequency and overhead of FB changes.  However, that FB Promote feature worked well and created shared posts with a nice image to fit the post. 

Have many of you since shift to manual management?  Or are you using some other level of automation or "one click" publishing?

I know Zapier is an option, but the cost is something that isn't worth the return for some, especially for hobby oriented sites and site owners who aren't generating significant income from the site.  And the basic options of Zapier make it a bit kludgy so you'd need to pay for the additional features to get access to more conditional workflow logic.  

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