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4.7.8 import - Unable to edit groups - 2S100/1 redirect

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Just trying a fresh migration to 4.7.8 and when in the admincp I try to edit Members Groups and it redirects me with an 2S100/1 error outside the admin/ path.

I click on /admin/?app=core&module=members&controller=groups but it redirects (in the headers) to /?app=core&module=members&controller=groups and presents the error.

Other Members functions work like controller=ip and controller=promotions but controller=groups redirects.

I am logged in with the admin account created during the install before the import, that account used a unique email so it wouldnt be merged with the imported users.

It has just been imported from vbulletin 4 and the previous build on that machine didnt have this issue but we did upgrade to php 8.1 as well.

We use Nginx.


Any pointers/thoughts would be welcome.

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Typically when this happens, it is a security module or permission error on the server causing the redirect. However, if you have any custom redirects in place, I would not rule those out either. At the end of the day though, this generally is a server error, I'm afraid.

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Yeah it appears something was badly cached on my browser.

I did search for the error code to try and figure out what it meant which was more what I was needing a prod with.

At least now if anyone else gets the same code it will be in the search results on here.

For anyone else, I spotted the redirect was cached in my browser using dev tools from an auth login expiring preventing access to our test site.

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