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Anonymous posting in certain forum only (mental health etc )


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I would like to offer to my readers a forum where logged in members can open up about mental health issues, 

but their username will not appear connected to their other posts of their account, and the username will be a random username (any ideas?) or just without username,

something similar to anonymous posting in a group in facebook groups. 

The reason is there are many subjects people want to talk about and are ashamed of , taboo subjects  like mental health disorder symptomps,  lgbtq issues in families/teenagers, or other things they might be ashamed of talking about. Also to enable some discussions about stigmatas etc. 

Since my licence is years old and many (since its a small country) know eachother at some point, I want to enable that. 

I could also cooperate with some ngos in the country and offer that to them as an option for their mental health clients so that they feel better about talking about things. 

Also some mothers are very ashamed of issues and dont seek help for things if its known who they are (villages /islands etc) after participating for years in the forum already. The concept is the same as with fb.  I would like to start that with an anonymous subforum about adhd because there is things not talked about / or admitted openly.  Situations of parents and adults that usually are hidden/swiped under the carpet (and involves 4% of population). 

Is something like the above currently possible? 




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