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User Retention plugins or features & what are your statistics ?


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Hello, 2 questions

are there any tools available that will help my users (that largely come from organic searches for many different issues) visit the website again,

like  a exit message popping up, telling user who is trying to leave the page

"hello - thank you for visiting us - before you leave do you want to have a look on these (related topics feed ?) since you searched for  (name of search term) discussion topic?"


"Hello - thank you for visiting us - before you leave do you want to take a look or make sure to participate at    ( Poll topic here !)  we need your oppinion on   (title of topic here)!


Also, I am curious to know if my user retention statistics are awful, medium or good, a.i. where in the spectrum are they, so that I know how much I should be working on for retaining more users. 

Keep in mind the topics are medical and informational (non profit for parents) and not so much "social" or "fun". 

this board gets about 240.000 unique users per month, its been like that for at least 14 years.




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what are your statistics?

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