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Changed URLfor site, now have broken images?

Go to solution Solved by Makoto,

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Marc Stridgen
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15 minutes ago, Smokey-Rev said:

How do I do that?

In your AdminCP, under the System tab in the menu (the tab with the Cog icon that is active by default when logging in), click on Get Support, and then scroll down until you see an option to clear the system cache,

Could contain: Electronics, Mobile Phone, Phone, Texting, Text, Page, Advertisement, Poster

Could contain: Page, Text, Electronics, Mobile Phone, Phone

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4 hours ago, Jim M said:

Go to /admin/upgrade to complete the upgrade process. Sounds like you may have applied a patch file but have not run the upgrader yet.

Thanks! that fixed it 🙂


How would I go about changing my Mysql tables to innoDB? it says this as a 'recommendation'


InnoDB database tables typically perform more efficiently and reliably than other database engines such as MyISAM on most modern hosts when configured correctly. It is strongly encouraged to ensure all of your database tables are using the InnoDB storage engine, and that your hosting provider has configured MySQL for InnoDB use.

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