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Pages feature request: database relationship field pagination and ordering


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The use of the Pages database relationship field creates a comma-separated list for outgoing and incoming links. This is usually fine when there are just a couple of entries. 

But there can also be hundreds of entries and then the field becomes way too limited. Suggestion:

  1. Ordering becomes an issue. With 100+ entries, there needs to be admin-defined ordering based on fields (e.g. title or custom fields) or something like record ID, publishing date et cetera. Just like it exists for the database itself. In fact, taking over the ordering from the specific database being linked would probably solve it for most cases. 
  2. Pagination becomes necessary when there are lots of entries. 
  3. Template. Make the field output part of the Pages template system, so it can be customized on a database level. (So far, we had to hack the theme templates, but that won’t be easily possible anymore in 5.x). 
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