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Popup / special display for empowering quotes/messages


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since my forums have many difficult subjects for which my readers need encouragement,

I would like to establish an automated daily (interchanging) popup/display 

that will show everyday a different message  from a selected list of empowering  sentences. 

I would like that to have 

- a background color

(or image, if possible but not necessary)

-fonts that can be change in size

- a permanent website logo on that popup so that they know this comes from us and is not an advertisment

not something more. 

I would like it to be very clean, neutral, no titles, no lines/other deco, and to dissapear after a single scroll.

Example of empowering sentences is 

Everyday is a new day

There always is a rainbow after the rain

Take a deep breath and think of something beautiful

Did you speak to a friend or relative today? Take time to do so

What did you do for yourself today?

Look at a flower and feel the beauty of daily change


and I would try to find at least 100+ of them , upload it once, and have them show each once per day automatically to all members.  

is there something like that already perhaps? 


Maybe something like that could be used also for promotional /advertising sales quotes/reminders  in other kinds of forums,... ?


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Check out the following:

With that said, there is not a concept of having multiple alerts rotated automatically.  Meaning you send one of XX random messages.  You can create a message that is displayed on DAY1, another on DAY2, another on DAY3.  There is nothing that would do exactly what you want.  You would need to have some sort of 3rd party customization to do what you've described.  But alerts might move you in the right direction.  

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