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Forums not loading correctly

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Hello, Invision Support!  We have been experiencing issues where our forum pages are not loading correctly.  Here are some screenshots from some of our members. 

Can you suggest any settings that were changed that may have affected the loading of our pages which led to these problems in page loads?  We are fully updated on the site.  We were experiencing horrible performance prior to this and made some other settings changes to see if that would improve things. 

Could it be a security setting or would this primarily be caused by something in Invision Community?  We are currently rebuilding the lazy load media in content after having disabled that setting. 

Reloads on the members' end seems to resolve it 95% of the time with some exceptions.  One user stated they reloaded a page 21 times to get it to work.  I find this hard to believe but we'll take their word for it.

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I am seeing a 404 Not Found error for some of your resources. You will want to contact your hosting provider to ensure that your uploads directory and all sub-directories has proper permissions so that the web server can write to it. Then go to ACP -> Support -> Clear System Caches to regenerate.

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