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Theme Help: Customising Activity Stream Widget

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Hey all, trying to customise the activity stream a little bit and coming into some roadblocks. The templates for these aren't as accessible as some of the others in the IP suite 😅

I'm digging into the core > front > widgets > streamItem template right now, and redesigning as I see fit... I'd like to be able to include a record image (or in some cases, a custom field) in the stream snippet if the type of content is something specific (i.e. a record image for a record posted in a 'news' database, and a custom field [image] for a record posted in a different database). How would I go about calling the fields for these?

I tried something like this, to test:

              	{{if $itemData['record_image']}}

But it doesn't seem to work (just outputs 'No' regardless, so I'm assuming it's not successfully calling the record image field for the stream item).

Any ideas?

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OK so small update, that 'record_image' code actually did work and it was just not showing up for me because of a cache issue. 😄 But I'd like to explore things further with this.

1. I'd still like to try and call custom fields within a streamitem

2. I'm trying to create an IF statement that would allow me to display something only if the streamItem entry is a certain content type (i.e. if this is a status update, then display this; if this is a 'news' database record, display that).

I know the key to this is within the "$indexData['index_title']" but I can't seem to work out the correct parameters to accomplish the above tasks. Anyone have any ideas?

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