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Add a CAPTCHA or similar to the IPS Checkout process


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Hello all, 

Regarding a recent topic of mine. @Jim M suggested I make a formal feature suggestion.

Regarding the Checkout process for Subscription Packages or Donations (or anything involving the checkout process). We recently had the issue whereby bots would continuously try to make donations, ultimately this would fail. However the bot would proceed to do the literally hundreds of times over the period of a few hours. We want to keep our donations open to legitimate Guests for income reasons, but at the moment this comes at the risk of a bot attack. 

While we could block some of these attacks at the server level, this is not very efficient as the locations geographically and IP wise will always be different and we would need to keep adding offenders on an adhoc basis. So having an inline protection in IPS would make more sense.

My suggestion would be that during the checkout process that there is some form of captcha or similar method to prevent the bots from doing what they are doing. 

What do you think ?

Many thanks,

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