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Add the ability to not allow URL or link posting for a member group without having to moderate

Nathan Caroland

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Hi there,

With the amount of spam that is coming through these days on spambots, one way to maybe curb this without having to do an extreme amount of moderation is to set it so that certain groups are unable to post links or URL's when they initially join a forum.

For instance, when they initially join and start posting they can't post links or urls for their first X amount of posts - 10 posts perhaps. Most bots/spammers, when they get through, are going to immediately go into spamming their links, etc., which at that point just gets caught and says 'you can't do that', or a popup that says something to the effect. Most aren't going to bother to go through the process of interacting with the forums to get to their post limit before they can post links. 

Sounds like a bit of a pain in the arse, but it might be one of those ways to curb things early on so that we aren't constantly fighting spammers if you don't make it easy for them. 

Odds are someone is going to tell me that it can be done easily in another manner, which is great, but currently I'm just getting irritated having to have myself or the mods track down folks who are getting through. We've banned IPs, we've changed out our questions on a regular basis, and they are still being a right pain. Currently checking out CleanTalk to see if that's something that can help out. 

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