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Subscription Purchase, User Not Moved To Correct Usergroups.

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I came across a strange occurrence today. 

A member purchased one of our premium membership packages. I received a message from them stating that even though they had made the purchase, their account was still a standard account. After investigating there account had not been automatically added to the appropriate user groups as per the subscription setup.

Below are the current settings of the premium product. 


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It is set so that upon purchase, the user is moved to the primary user group of Premium Silver. They are then added to the secondary user groups of Members & Marketplace enabled.

I could see that the user had been added to the Marketplace user group as a secondary, which is correct. However their primary user group as still Members and the Premium User group had not been set at all. 

I have 3 other products set up this way, so I am forced to assume there will be issues with the others. 

Any ideas ?

Many thanks,

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23 hours ago, Jim M said:

The group which this user was in is showing as deleted in the activity notes. Was this done recently? If this was included in any of your Subscription settings, were these updated to exclude these?

Hey Jim

I have not deleted any groups in a good while, do the activity notes state which group was removed ?. None of the groups which should have been applied to the user have been removed, possibly edited but that should not make any difference I would imagine. I would still have expected all the groups selected in the subscription settings to have been applied to the user.

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1 minute ago, panzerscope said:

do the activity notes state which group was removed ?.

Unfortunately, it is just stating that the group they were in has been deleted. You can view this yourself on the member's profile in the ACP

It is also worth mentioning that your "Members" group is a protected group in Subscriptions. So that will not change. It looks like this user has "Members" as their primary group so that would also not change. You would need to remove "Members" from being a protected member group in the Subscription settings

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Hey Jim, 

I will take a look 🙂

As per your advice I have removed "Members" from the protected groups. With that being said, looking at the current settings we have for subscriptions regarding the assigning of user groups, does everything look like it should work correctly ? 


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