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Move more moderator tools into member profiles

Canal World

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I think it would be good if more Moderation tools could be made available in member profiles, e.g. the ability to place or remove a user from Moderation Queue or to send an alert to a user etc.

Case in point: At the moment to remove a user from moderator queue, Moderators have to click on their their own name > ModeratorCP > Member Management > Type user they wish to edit > Click Next > Click Moderation > Select Remove from Moderation Queue? > Click Save

This is far too click heavy and is buried too deep in the ModeratorCP. Some of our Moderators were unaware of this and perhaps most importantly, they're not all tech savvy. As such, having to follow longwinded processes to do a simple task is just a little OTT. I'm sure we're not alone?

Much of this functionality could be moved to member profiles and it would create a better end-user experience for Moderators who typically need to manage users on an individual basis.

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Instead of going to the ModeratorCP, you can already:

  1. Go to the user profile
  2. Click Edit Profile (in the cover photo area)
  3. Click on the Moderation TAB.
  4. Make any changes you need
  5. Save.


The option to send an alert or warn them is also already available in profiles.

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