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Delete Topics after x days without reply

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I'm afraid that there is not. Topics are generally permanent conversations, even those that are without replies and someone could respond in the future. However, if you have a use case, feel free to post this in our Feature Suggestion forum for review for further evaluation for a future release.

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If you are doing this because of SEO (removing thin/dead content), you can archive topics without replies. According to the devs, they are removed from the sitemap, etc...

This is a native feature.

Also, I think archived topics can be found by a specific table on the database, so, with a little search, you can manually remove them with a single sql query (please, backup first).

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32 minutes ago, Daniel F said:

Hang on hang on.

It's NOT removed from the sitemap!


Archived topics are removed from the internal search index and people can't reply, but they're not flagged as not indexable for search engines!

Sorry, you are right.

I could swear I saw somewhere you can make the sitemap avoid archived topics.

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