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Problem Version 6.4.11 PHP 7 Too 7.4 and PHP 8.1

klaus brandt

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hello, i can't get my forum 6.4.11 with php 7 to version 7.4 with php 8.1.

6.4 without extensions, standard design. PHP 7.4.33 is running,

with PHP 8.1 white browser content without error message.

Is there a solution for this, or can I upgrade the 6.4.11 version to 7.4 where PHP 7 is still running?


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Invision Community 4.7.0 added support for PHP 8.1, earlier versions of Invision Community will not work with PHP 8.1

You will either need to upgrade to PHP 8.0.x then upgrade to Invision Community 4.7.7 via the AdminCP or upgrade to PHP 8.1 and then manually upgrade to Invision Community 4.7.7 - https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/welcome/install-and-upgrade-r259/#manualupgrade


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i have download the last Version 4.7.7 and have copie all Files on me Webspace existing files from 4.6.11 were overwritten.

No errors.

Then i have switch PHP 7.4 too PHP 8.1 on Server.

Go Browser and start example.com/admin/upgrade

Browser Windows is blank, Upgradeprozess or admin login dont startet. Website is dead.

Return PHP 8.1 too 7.4

New prozedure, Browser Windows is blank.

Ioncube is running.

What can i make?   that's no fun


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