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External Image Storage + Cloudflare Polish: Fixing the URLs

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We are currently using Wasabi as our CDN (similar to Amazon S3). We want to also use Cloudflare Polish which from my understanding requires the images to be loaded from a domain alias. SME's (based on IPS forum  contributions seem to be @ASTRAPI who shared the setup instructions and @Joel R/ @All Astronauts who have created a plugin for improved integration with files. Any input will be greatly appreciated.


Current image link example:


DESIRED image link example:



The desired image link already works and is set up in our DNS settings. We just don't know how to make IPS use that URL instead.

Screenshot of storage config settings:

Could contain: Page, Text Note that "Custom URL" seems to only be applicable to uploads.

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35 minutes ago, H5K said:

Note that "Custom URL" seems to only be applicable to uploads

It is used not just for uploads, but anywhere that bucket is called.  For example, if that bucket is set to be used for your themes, the JS and would use that custom URL.  

Now...  remember when you change the bucket where your theme is served out of, you might need to rebuild your system cache from the ACP so that it starts using the new custom URL in any locally cached output.  

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