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Images in Pages Articles do not get updated URLs after a storage location move.

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Posted here by request of @Matt

I tried moving my attachments folder to S3, but it broke the image links embedded in my Pages articles. Since all of my articles were made when local storage was set up, I'd have to fix 6400+ articles manually. So I moved everything back and only had to fix the five articles that went up while S3 was the storage method.

When writing an article, I simply upload the images to the editor as I type the article and double-click to insert from there. This seemed like the intended method of use.

I am using the articles database that shipped with IPS however many years ago. It is stock except for a few extra reference-only fields that aren't used anymore.

This is an article after the move back from S3 to local storage:

Could contain: Page, Text, File, Person, Face, Head

Inspecting the object shows that it still expects it to be in S3:

Could contain: File, Page, Text


But editing the article, the Editor knows the current home of the attachments and shows them:

Could contain: File, Car, Vehicle, Transportation, Person, Webpage, Wheel, Machine

And on inspection, is looking in the right spot:

Could contain: Page, Text

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