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Commerce deleting members using Stripe's Apple/Google Pay

Aaron M

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I believe Commerce has protections against Core deletion of members if they aren't validated provided they have a successful transaction on file, however we have noticed a number of users who paid via the Apple/Google Pay option are showing up as deleted, which is obviously a terrible customer experience. Can IPS ensure that these protections are extended to A/G Pay?

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3 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Do you know the display name? We ask, as we need to check this has actually been deleted by the system itself, rather than having been deleted manually somewhere. 

The security questions on file are not working for me unforunately.

Found it through Stripe, cust ID is 302351

re Sec qn's, strange - it seems those were somehow deleted during the migration? I've reset them as on file though; please retry now.

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