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Pics linked from Gallery in the Forums after rebuild have wrong picture suffix name/404

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Have users load their pics into their gallery, then they link to those pics in the forums

I yesterday I changed the size of the default thumbnails and Large Pictures size (pics tend to be larger now, so was adjusting), and clicked YES to the rebuild, but going into older posts the links are now bad

Here is an example page:
https://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/48119-macross -magazine-for-anime-and-hobby-fan-ariiimai-booklets/#comment-1520310

That first image in that post shows this now
Could contain: Page, Text

The URL which gets a 404 is this

On the server, the rebuild deleted the old large pic, and then created this large image. Same base name, but different temp suffix, but it never went into the Post and updated the link.

Could contain: Text, Page

How do I fix the links in the posts?

I have older backups with the older and smaller "large.20200418_205443.jpg.5ea656fa799ae9ed81ec69813d654a2b.jpg" that would fix the 404, and could re-upload, but I have 120GB/475k of images and those extra unused new larger pics generated last night are going to take up extra disk space and never get used. 

Any ideas?


I am running current board and gallery
I do see this error. There are no logs, and when I click Run Now
Is it still rebuilding images and THEN goes in and updates the posts? Or did it fail?
How do I get this to complete if this is the problem?

Could contain: Page, Text, File, Pc, Electronics, Computer, Monitor, Computer Hardware, Screen, Hardware


Could contain: Text, Computer Hardware, Hardware, Electronics, Screen, Monitor


Could contain: Text, Yacht, Vehicle, Transportation

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Sounds like the users copy/pasted the URL of the image rather than using the "Insert existing attachment" or embedding the gallery URL. This is not recommend due to these URLs to the images can change. I'm afraid, there is no rebuild for this.

The queue task being locked, you can unlock the task and see if it runs well. If it doesn't, then you will want to review the System Logs for the error it is reaching.

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So all these large images from all the year month subfolders are now possibly unlinked by the method for how the user may have linked the pictures into the posts? There are potentially thousands and thousands of unlinked images now.
What is the point of changing the hash at the end of the files on regen?

So now I either have to restore from a backup, or write up a script to create thousands of symlinks that link the old pic name to the new. Sorry for venting, a bit frustrated.

How do I prevent a user from linking one way vs the other if a URL is assumed to be static? How does this not happen again in the future?

Could contain: Page, Text, File

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You would need to train your users on this process. As it is just an image URL, anyone can grab it and paste it in your editor so I'm afraid, there is no prevention here.

The URL of the image is automatically regenerated when sizes are changed in the gallery because you're telling the server this is a new image so it adds a new hash at the end so images are no longer cached, among other things.

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Ok thank you.

Did my regen action also do something odd to the gallery itself?

The thumbnails are blurry when I do 'show as thumbnails'
Could contain: Collage, Art, Comics, Book, Publication, Person


And when I click the middle option, 'Show large preview', the picture is zoomed in and cut off
I thought it would show a larger version of the pic where you could still see it all

Could contain: Comics, Publication, Book, Person, Gun, Weapon, Face, Head



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Perfect thank you
I'll give the existing queue process another day or two to complete...I don't want to break anything else
I'll reset the image sizes back to the normal ones above
I'll upload the OLD small.xx and large.xxxx images to fix all the old broken links
and then post to tell people NOT to use those images in any links within posts

Thank you for your support, it was very helpful.

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