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"The page you requested does not exist"

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I have tried multiple times to create a page on our site. We have done this many times, it is nothing fancy at all. It is a manual HTML page with no site wrapper and one CSS style guide linked.


Whilst the page creates in the admin centre, when I click to 'View the page' or I type in the expected URL, my site says "The page you requested does not exist". I have tried putting some code in, or doing it blank. 


I haven't been as active as normal on Invision for the last few releases. Has something changed in Invision that means I have to create a page and do something to physically publish it to the live site? Or is there a box I'm not ticking (new box or something I've forgotten to do as it has been a while)?




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Thank you for the respnose @Randy Calvert.


I worked it out. I created the page in a new folder which I named "Admin", meaning the subdirectory was domain.com/admin/page-name. The /admin is the AdminCP!


If anyone from Invision sees this, maybe you should ban people from creating an 'Admin' folder for pages, in case an idiot like me creates it.

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Yeah, you'll want to avoid naming things to folders which are on the server as the web server can't then dynamically use URL rewriting. Live and learn though, right? Glad you were able to find the issue.

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