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Commerce: Stock & Price Adjustments + Custom Fileds

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Hi there,

 I'm setting up some commission products under Commerce. I added a main product "animation" and wanted to use the "custom fields" to add "extra options" for the customer to choose from -or- add to the main product before checkout.

Now, the part on adding "custom fields" and linking them to the main product under "Stock & Price Adjustments" wasn't a problem. I ticked off the "Use different stock levels and prices depending on custom field values" and added the price to each "extra option" and saved it. So when I tried it the price adjusted as intended (see pics) "No Extras = Animation 1200 // Gore +300 = Animation 1200 + Gore 300 =1500) but the PROBLEM is....

...that I can only use the "select" and/or "radio" alternatives under "Field Type" to make IPB happy, and not the "checkbox set" to make ME happy. You see, I want my customers to make multiple choices and not "single" choices and that I can't figure out how to do, IF there is such an  option? 

I have tried different approaches but with no luck. Is there an workaround here or do I have to make multiply products and the "Association" option?

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Could contain: Page, Text, File, Webpage

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