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Misleading info in streams issue


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Streams are great addition for users who want to have a control of what is happening around community, however, they provide sort of misleading info and cause sort of "mess" in certain situations.

Lets say I edited a post, or need to update number of posts/topics/records.. anything.. e.g. during maintenance, some changes etc.

What users get in their stream feed then? They get updated topics/records as newly posted content.. at least in the stream info. I find it as stream design issue because provides misleading info. There is few ways you can sort it.

E.g. Change text from "xxx posted a topic" to xxx modified/updated the topic", or/additionally add a filter to display only newly posted content and not updated one.

What I am trying to say here is that regular user does not have to see in his stream that admin/mod edited selection of topics/records because needed e.g. edit/modify tags. Stream lists such scenarios as XXXX posted new topic/record.

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