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Tags still in table after removing from post

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I am using the Most Used Tags application which is showing me the tags used on my forum posts. Through this I have noticed that when a tag is removed from a post it is not being removed from the database table core_tags. I did a clean up manually removing a lot of tags completely in each post, so now there are quite a few tags that are no longer in any forum post but they are still showing as present in the core_tags table.

Can someone tell me why the tags are not being removed from the database table? For more info we are self-hosted and the tags were removed manually by clicking the x next to the tag at the top of a post.

You can see the discussion and trouble shooting I had with the application owner here:



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Hi there, I spoke to someone on a ticket, we couldn't recreate the issue and assumed it wasn't present anymore but needed to clean the database manually of all the old tags.

Now that I've done that I've done some more testing myself and I can see an issue that's still present and may be causing tags to still be in the table with no related post. After I use the moderator actions to delete a post, the tags from that post are still shown in the database.

An example of tags are "2025" and "2026". I added these to two separate posts and then used the moderator actions to delete the posts but they are still present in the database.

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