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Sync Reactions for Topic and Linked CMS Record


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It would be great if a future update allowed for the syncing of Reactions made between a Topic in the forums and a linked CMS/Page Record.

At the moment, when you link a Topic and CMS record together (either by making a CMS record and having a topic created, or by using "Copy to Database" on an existing forum topic), almost everything else is sync'd up. Tags, comments/replies... even the Reactions made towards those comments/replies! But for some reason, Reactions on the Topic's original post and the CMS Record remain completely separate. It's inconsistent.

Changing this would go a long way to help integrate CMS and Topics - a lot of users on my community tend to React to posts more than they do comment, and I want to make sure those Reactions are reflected in all linked content,

I raised this as more of a bug concern around a year ago, but was told it was actually expected behaviour. So I figure I'd make a suggestion about this, it'd be a small but great improvement!

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