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Poll killed the first post of a thread

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Yesterday I put a poll in the first post of another user's thread. Now I've seen that the other user's first post has disappeared - but the poll and the rest of the thread are there. But so the thread is missing the beginning and I can't edit the poll anymore either.

Do you have an explanation for this?

Here's the thread now: https://www.psoriasis-netz.de/forums/topic/33177-unfassbar-lustige-dumme-sprueche/

Here's the thread in WayBackMachine: https://web.archive.org/web/20210619190732/https://www.psoriasis-netz.de/forums/topic/33177-unfassbar-lustige-dumme-sprueche/

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We have released a patch 2 days ago to fix this issue.

Please visit the support page to apply it. ( That said, it's unfortunately not retroactive, so the broken topic(s) will need to be fixed manually)

Since I've been working on your ticket few minutes ago, I'll just get back to it and fix it for you:)
Could you please just send me the link of the broken topic as ticket reply.


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