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Where we can find Install version for server without use cloud ?


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Hello , i have licence but i have my own server , and i have buy plugin on market but i can't download, the only proposition is : install on cloud 

I paid already my own server, how can install and also how i can download my plugin that i have buy ? 

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In order to download/install the software, you need to have purchased the SELF-HOSTED version instead of IPS's hosted version.  Specifically you will want to have purchased:


I assume you have purchased the wrong service.  If that's the case, the staff will need to help you fix this.  (I'm just another customer!)

You can reach the Accounts and Billing team by using this form:


Once another member of the staff see this thread, they can also create a ticket for you as well with that team.  

After you have everything squared away...  most 3rd party plugins/resources are purchased via the marketplace found in your new site's AdminCP.  


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7 hours ago, evolys said:

...also how i can download my plugin that i have buy ? 

As you have purchased one of my resources, I will answer this - you install from the Marketplace in your ACP; you do not get a download file and one will not be provided (you have access to the code after you install it)

As you have not yet installed the resource, I am willing to refund your payment at this time if you do not like the above so please advise if you wish to have that done.

That offer ends if you do install the resource, however.

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