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Unable to remove image applied to a Rank

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Hi! We want to add/update custom images to each Rank we have in our community.

Adding an image to a Rank works as expected, however when we try to remove the image, it refuses to save the changes.

An error message is shown, shown below in screenshot: "Unable to create image" when attempting to remove the image and save the changes. 

We seem to be stuck with an image on a rank which we want to remove. Is this a bug, or am I missing something? 



Could contain: Text, Page, File



Could contain: Page, Text, File


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4 hours ago, teraßyte said:

The image is a required field, so you can't simply delete it and save the rank. You need to upload a new one before hitting the save button.

This makes sense. Thanks! The part that's quite confusing, is that you don't need to remove the default Rank image when you upload a custom image for the first time. There's nothing there. This UX creates the impression an image file isn't necessary, and hence my post...

Appreciate the help.


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