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I have been racking my brain for ages to try and get some free ones to work with basic blocks and widgets for a page i'd like to create which is linked to Community Goals I want to put out there. Alas, its becoming a struggle so I thought time is right to ask in here now.

It seems like there are many templates out there with code already and all it lacks is something to bundle the code up so you can bring it in on any Page you have on IPS. Obviuously, it would be ideal if we had front end easy access to the numbers that could easily impact progress bars so I'm after anyone that can help me please!

I'm sure the software already has something around Donations but obviously the progress bar is intrinsically linked to that and we should have the ability to add numerous progress bars for whatever the reason your website needs.

Thanks in advance all! 😄

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Is there a better way to ask for these changes at all - for instance, do I look at the Developers and PM specific ones instead about a potential cost of making a plugin/application that then is available for all? Or if you don't get responses here, does that mean its most likely no one wants to try and create this type of plugin/app?

I try not to ask for new things as for many I see that post are clearly aware of cost for everything these days so I try and maximise IPS core functions whilst doing the same with multiple third party Marketplace ones.

Any help on direction is greatly appreciated - even if thats a separate thread where we all help each other create a custom block by ourselves, for instance? 🙂

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