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installing the current version or switching

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I'm installing the current version of Invision Community, at least trying.

I am trying to move my cloud-based, posted by InVision, to my self-posted site. It is a brand-new site I just started using. My current site is www.home2000.com. My new site, which is hosted by Bluehost, has a different URL, www.amerifaxx.com.

Note: my email address is amerifax@gmail.com, 1-x, and my new site has a URL www.amerifaxx.com, 2-x's. I note this just in case.

I chatted with Bluehost yesterday about temporarily turning off WordPress, so it would not interfere with my InVision Community functions. Here is what they did:

Created a folder called OLD and moved the following folders into the new folder.

Folders - cgi-bin, wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes

Files - Also in the root of the folder called OLD: many files wp-*.php and one each of the following, error_log, index.php, read me.HTML, license.txt, XMLRPC.php

Now when I go into my self-hosted site, www.amerifaxx.com, I see a blank white page with the text BN test in the upper left corner.

I should also mention two days ago, before Bluehost action yesterday; I downloaded the file ips_51de8 from Invision Community. I then extracted the files on my computer and used cPanel to move the files to my new self-hosted www.amerifaxx.com. The result is I now have a folder called ips_51de8 directly under public_html.


I have canceled my current site, www.home2000.com, which is in use till the month expires. It does not matter to me how I install my new site, move my cloud-hosted from www.home2000.com  or install a completely new Invision Community at www.amerifaxx.com. I want the fastest and easiest way to do it.

I only have one license for self-hosting. And I do have www.home2000.com still up. So I was going to try and save the information if possible. But that is not really that important since I never had it running. So here is my second dilemma stepped off of one before I could step on the other. I hope I explained myself well here. I have given it some thought.

And lastly, my cloud-hosted site is www.home2000.com. I was hoping that my new www.amerifaxx.com, which I purchased the URL from Bluehost. So how do I make my  ips_51de8 realize this?


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Please note you will not be able to run both our software and WordPress in the same folder. One will need to be at your root and the other will need to be in a sub-folder.

For information on how to install our software on your self-hosted server, please see this guide


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Please do not post your FTP or server IP as this is a public forum.

Could you please clarify your question? What connection are you referring to?

Your hosting provider would need to provide any details about connecting the software to your database, etc...

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