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Optimal php memory limit settings

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On 2/11/2023 at 10:03 PM, Grafidea said:

What are the preferred settings? I'm not talking about minimum settings. I have 1G set now, is that a lot? I'm thinking of changing to 512M. Thanks!

My settings in attachment

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why u need to change that settings ? 

512 mb is fine and 256 mb too.

In my forum i give 1 G and its fine too. 

But u need to know about how many processes u working at and how many memory u give for them.

If u have like 8 CPU and 16Gb or ram and give like 32 proceses to work o 1 G one by one it crash fast as hell. 

(if u self hosting that) 

U can change it to 512 MB and also check logs in ur server for 

PHP: Fatal Error: Allowed Memory Size of .............


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I would keep it 256MB or less. Even 256MB is higher than I like for most uses.  High limits can make it easy for a server to succumb to very small denial of service attacks.  If you're bumping 256MB limits, don't just willy-nilly increase the limits.  Find out why it's bumping past it because under normal circumstances it should not.

1024 MB is way too high unless there is a special need for it.

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