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[BUG 4.7.7] New Images tab in profile always shows even if there's no content

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As mentioned in the topic's title, in 4.4.7 with the new gallery version includes a new IMAGES profile extension when viewing a member profile. However, unlike other tabs (for example the ALBUMS TAB in the same gallery application) it doesn't check if the user has uploaded any images before deciding if it should be shown or not.


This is the code inside /applications/gallery/extensions/core/Profile/galleryImages.php:

	public function showTab(): bool
		return TRUE;

The ALBUMS profile extension in the same folder (gallery.php) does check if the user has any albums before showing the profile's tab.

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I've created a bug report for this.

That said, I've gone ahead and also posted some further ideas to improve the experience here.

It would be lovely if the admin could manage the tabs ( change the order + set if it should be hidden, shown only when data are present, or if it should be always shown. )

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