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Hidden Secondary User Groups and Confidential Meeting Spaces


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hi - this is a bit of a niche question. 

I'm about to invite into my community a group of people who need a safe and confidential space to meet and chat and share resources. I want to check how I do this properly for them. 

I know how to create forums and clubs which can be hidden from other user groups. My questions though are: 

If items such as files, books, web links, and so on are added to a privately setup Club, can those items still be seen anywhere else on the site? I'm presuming not but I wanted to check. 

If I create a specific usergroup for these people as a secondary group (let's call it Group B) for them to belong to, is there a way to create that so that people in Group A can't ever see Group B members are in Group B? They can see the member as part of the community but there would be no other signs anywhere that they are also part of Group B. 

The confidentiality of this group is really important. It's all above board, don't worry!! Just dealing with some very sensitive issues in a professional capacity. 

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OK, so the downloads part first. Nobody can see those downloads unless they

a) was given a direct link to an item by someone who has access to see it (an image for example)
b) They have access to the admin CP, and can therefore see the files area


With regard hiding secondary groups, you can indeed do that. In order to do so you would switch off the "Allow filtering by this group?" within that group. So nobody would actually be known to have that secondary member group if they have it, as it wouldnt show, and would not show those members if someone tried to search for members of that group


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