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calendar import from webcal feed does not work

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I have configured a calendar which shall import events from my webcal calendar fedd regularly.

It is all configured like it is described here (see link). But there was only once the import into the invision calendar.

Here are my questions now:

  • How often will this be done?
  • If it is done regularly, why are newly created events not shown in the calendar?




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7 hours ago, Björn Schorre said:

Oh, I'm sorry for this delay. Here is the link to the Calendar:



Does the calendar export itself update with future events or is this a one-time export?

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As an aside - I was able to successfully import that webcal feed. The events inside it are in the past, however, so they may not show up immediately unless you go back and find them.

As Jim says, if that webcal export itself adds a new event, then the software should import it the next time it checks the feed at that URL. If the export itself is not updated, or a different URL is generated when a new export happens, then it will not be automatically added to the community, and would need to be added manually.

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