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Who's online intermittently not rendering profile links

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I have run into an issue with the Who's Online widget. My community is configured to restrict profile access to guests. I therefore expected a behaviour where:

  • Who's online widget displayed for authenticated users would render profile links
  • Who's online widget displayed for guest would render member names only, without links 

However what I am observing is that the above two behaviours are alternating seemingly randomly, while the observer remains being logged in (or logged off, i.e. continuing in same authentication state). Additionally whatever the current rendering state is in given moment (i.e. profile links or just member names)- it is same for both logged in users and guests.

It feels to me that the widget is perhaps cached with disregard to user authentication state- and just displays in whichever way was appropriate while it was actually computed before caching? 

See screenshots below, they are both from the same authenticated user; maybe 10 mins apart.


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