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Google Search Console consult/help request (paid?)

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there were many changes at the 2 forums I own,  (they are online since 2005 , so there is plenty data)

  I would need a developer who knows the invision software 

to evaluate the data that is shown  in the google search console  (errors , changes in good bad links depending on device etc and generally a scan of the data there)

and recommend me what I need to do.

It was never needed until now but many factors contributing  (changes in advertising delivery, changes in redirects, changes from a problem in December)

make it impossible for me to know on my own what I need to check or correct, if any.

The developer ideally should also know about the different effects of how the serving of advertising  (new kind of media, i.e. video etc) affects those results.

Based on the consultation I will get I want to be able to make a better decision on what kind of advertising  type I should not allow, 

since the long forum threads may contribute to some of those links being bad or charactrised as     slow or    CLS , LCP..  it might though not be an issue. 

I would like to ask someone who knows. 

I am owner/manager of said websites.    

thank you so much 

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