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Approve members after presentation

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Our forum is reserved only for professionals of our profession.
To filter registrations, I would like to find a solution. (to be sure we are only between professional people)

Members can register on the forum, but must introduce themselves (write a short presentation). Thus, we decide whether or not they are fit.
If so, we approve their application and then they can post to the whole forum, if not, they cannot access the rest of the forum.

Today, a new member can post on the rest of the forum, he had a restriction to 1 message, and the only place where they can post is the presentation subforum, however that is not appropriate.

How can I do to have a manual validation? If the presentation suits us, then we validate the profile and he has access to the rest of the forum.

Thank you for your help.

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ACP > System > Settings > Login & Registration

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Instead of using specific forums to post in, you can require users to use the full registration form and you can define custom profile fields to collect the info you want, including possibly a spot for them to include presentation text, etc.  

Then right below that section will be:

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Set the "Validation method for new accounts" to either "Administrator Validation" or "Email and Administrator Validation".  

If you don't want other members seeing the data submitted in the profile fields, you can also make them visible only to staff.  

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